The Creative Seminar Sept 29th 2019

The Creative Seminar Sept 29th 2019


The Creative Seminar is a stand-alone one-day class to explore the meaning of creativity and to look at some of the basics of the elements that create our photography. We will look at light with Andrea Belluso, creating magic wherever you are with Bella Kotak, what retouching actually is with Pratik Naik, the business aspect with Amanda A. Belluso and how your whole life reflects on your creativity with Viktor Anderson.

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This is a full day of exploration of all that is available to us as creatives so that we don’t have to compete with each-other again and so that we can start creating something so unique that we can start looking at our photography in a brand new way.

This class is interactive, you will be able to ask questions and have them answered and some participants might be called up on the stage to participate too.

Here are just some of the topics we will be covering:

  • How was The Creative Experience born and how does this affect your photographic business?

  • The main Light Shaping Tools and the need to know all of them.

  • Hard vs. soft light.

  • Delivering a unique product to your clients.

  • Making your business a truly creative one.

  • What is the role of retouching in photography?

  • How can you create magic no matter where you are and how much money you have?

  • How is true beauty created with anyone in front of your camera?

  • How to break through competition.