2-day Creative Experience LA Oct 2-3rd 2019

2-day Creative Experience LA Oct 2-3rd 2019

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Day 1: Exploring The Concept Of Creativity

Andrea Belluso will show you lots of different Light Shaping Tools and their light character, this is the base of creating your very own light in photography. This day is also about what you need to know and also how to use that knowledge to work in a unique way, a way that no one else has. It is only by being unique and offering a very high quality that you can start looking at being one of the Masters instead of having to work for less and less money. Photography is changing very fast and very soon there will only be two choices left, either to work for free and offer average results to your clients, or really stepping up your game and offering a very high quality and totally unique product and demand the money you really want to earn, we show you how to do this.

Andrea and Amanda Belluso and Viktor Anderson invite you to the creative tools they use to create their business and lives to create a greater and more fun and generative photographic business and together with Pratik Naik and Bella Kotak they also invite you to look at and join the new non-competitive photographic community based on some pragmatic tools.

Day 2: Creativity in practice

Let’s take the principles of light and creativity into reality. This is the day Bella and Andrea both demonstrate their respective crafts and demonstrate their uniques styles of work. This day is to witness how two photographers can work together instead of competing with each-other. It is also about looking at two totally different ways of working and creating and inspiring you to also create something unique.

While Andrea will be exploring both hard and soft light, different Light Shaping Tools and how he chooses the different tools to create his pictures, as well as talking and empowering the models, Bella will look at her way of creating her pictures, directing her models in every detail and also how she thinks around the mood and tone of her pictures, including the colours she uses.

The Creative Experience is based on questions from the participants, which means they are highly interactive. The moment we start asking questions instead of going into conclusions, that is when we can truly start being creative!