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Day 1, October 2nd: Exploring The Concept Of Creativity

If we are to be truly creative, why do we keep doing things the way everyone else is doing it and why do we try to “do it the right way”? How can we be truly creative even with lighting if we are just following recipes and rules? And how can we also be creative with our business and how does our whole life affect our creativity?

Andrea Belluso will show you lots of different Light Shaping Tools and their light character, this is the base of creating your very own light in photography. This day is also about what you need to know and also how to use that knowledge to work in a unique way, a way that no one else has. It is only by being unique and offering a very high quality that you can start looking at being one of the Masters instead of having to work for less and less money. Photography is changing very fast and very soon there will only be two choices left, either to work for free and offer average results to your clients, or really stepping up your game and offering a very high quality and totally unique product and demand the money you really want to earn, we show you how to do this.

Andrea and Amanda Belluso and Viktor Anderson invite you to the creative tools they use to create their business and lives to create a greater and more fun and generative photographic business and together with Pratik Naik and Bella Kotak they also invite you to look at and join the new non-competitive photographic community based on some pragmatic tools.

Day 2, October 3rd: Creativity in practice

Let’s take the principles of light and creativity into reality. This is the day Bella and Andrea both demonstrate their respective crafts and demonstrate their uniques styles of work. This day is to witness how two photographers can work together instead of competing with each-other. It is also about looking at two totally different ways of working and creating and inspiring you to also create something unique.

Andrea and Bella’s pictures and body of work are so different from each-other and you will get the tools that both use to create something totally different, something that really is their own vision and execution, and this is just the tip of the iceberg with the infinite possibilities that are presented to you during these days.

While Andrea will be exploring both hard and soft light, different Light Shaping Tools and how he chooses the different tools to create his pictures, as well as talking and empowering the models, Bella will look at her way of creating her pictures, directing her models in every detail and also how she thinks around the mood and tone of her pictures, including the colours she uses.

The Creative Experience is based on questions from the participants, which means they are highly interactive. The moment we start asking questions instead of going into conclusions, that is when we can truly start being creative!

Day 3, October 4th: “The Experience” - Shooting Day

This exhilarating experience will give you a taste of what being on set is like when everything comes together in the nick of time. After seeing Bella and Andrea at work on Day 2, it’s your turn to show us your vision.

Each student will be given 2 different looks to photograph, and each turn will be timed. You’ll have Bella and Andrea as your own personal assistants and coaches there to help you craft your own look. You’ll have a blank canvas to start with, and you’ll be encouraged to produce your own light setup with the light shaping tools available to you. With just 15-20 minutes per look, we’ll build a set, test the lights, and help you produce incredible imagery with top tier talent at hand to shoot. You’ll be surprised what your colleagues produce and how each person has a completely unique vision! It’s a high-paced day with lots of creativity where you’ll walk away smiling at what you just produced. On this day we encourage you to create out of your comfort zone with the tools you have received in the first two days!

Day 4, October 5th: “Finalizing Your Vision” - Post Processing and Retouching Day

We’ve spent time getting incredible shots, now we’ll spend the day bringing it to life with Pratik teaching high-end retouching.

This day will be focused on redefining your entire workflow with better tools, techniques, processes, and a better analysis of how to get the results you want in the shortest time possible. We’ll use methods commonly seen in high end editorials or commercial work.  Along the way, we’ll cover processes like proper healing and cloning methods, combining them with dodge and burn, color grading, and color correction methods. We’ll use Capture One (optional) and Photoshop (most of our time will be spent here). We’ll also focus on setting up a game plan before retouching. It’s important to be able to see what needs to be fixed before attempting it. A common problem today is people over retouching images. No matter your skill level, everyone will have something to learn and improve on.

In sum, we’ll cover correct techniques, training your eye on what to work on, and applying those concepts in reality. You’ll receive personal hands on feedback through each step of the process to ensure you walk away with a finished image that will meet a quality standard. At the end of the day, you’ll be able to walk away with a finished image with my own feedback, and improve your skillset to apply to any of your own images. We’ve structured this day to ensure every question of yours is met, and a hands-on approach is possible. The program will be customized to your needs.

Day 5, October 6th: “Play Day” - Exploring Possibilities

We’ll have this additional day to play, explore, and expand on everything you’ve already learned. The first half of the day will truly be a playground. You can spend time with any of the instructors, or ask questions that came up on reflection of the previous days. In the past students have used this day to do everything from play with each modifier and light available to truly see what each can do, to spending time learning more advanced retouching and color grading methods. The day is a playground of time that ensures you get to walk away with everything you want.

We will of course look deeper into the business aspect of photography as well as the whole creation of an idea, including eventual moodboards and talking to the clients and Creative Directors.

The second part of the day will be spent with facilitations by Andrea Belluso by bringing some participants in front of his camera. A unique way to get you to be totally vulnerable and ready to look first of all what it is like to be in front of the camera of someone that does not judge you and that is empowering you to be as great as you know you can be. This part of The Creative Experience is one that wraps up everything that we have gone through in the five days so that you can now start creating your photography business from a totally different and brand new space.

What you will receive AFTER the Creative Experience*

What you get as a participant of The Creative Experience is something that is probably even greater than the Experience itself! You will receive our mentorship until the next Creative Experience!* That means that we are here for you, almost whenever you require our input and support, with any questions that may arise regarding your business and your creative life. You will be able to call us on Skype, by Phone, Whatsapp, Messenger or book a Zoom call with any of us and for sessions up to 10 minutes at a time you will not be charged! We are providing mentorship with those previous participants that require our guidance and what we notice is an incredible amount of change in their lives and careers, which is one of the main driving forces for us to keep creating The Creative Experience events and bring them around the world, to create a greater, healthier and more fun creative community at large.